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Printland Publishers is the printing and paper division of Culcreuch Exports Pvt. Ltd. a fully registered company in India under the directorship of Tim & Sarah Galbraith.  Through the profits they are able to support themselves, their family and others in need in India, whilst also continuing the vital work of preaching the Gospel. Printland Publishers also provides its books free, or at highly subsidised rates, in developing countries throughout Asia and Africa.
The combined cost of printing in India and shipping to the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc. is usually less than half the cost of printing locally. For urgent orders we can freight out by air at very reasonable rates from Hyderabad International Airport. In the case of a large order an advance part of the print run can be sent by air freight (arrives within 1 week), while the remainder follows by sea (arrives within 3-6 weeks).
Potential customers maybe concerned about the quality of books printed and published in India. There is no need to be. The graphics, printing and binding facilities in Hyderabad are as good as anywhere in the world - the saving is on the cost of labour, and has no impact on quality. Printland has completed  several reprints of books originally published overseas which are identical to the original, except in price.  We can handle black and white or colour plates, hardcover or paperback, musical notation (for songbooks), and any form of binding. We do however remind customers that we do not have an in-house proofreading service - as with all printers, the onus is the customer to ensure there are no mistakes in the laser printout or soft copy submitted for printing.
All customers want people to be able to find their book and order it. Our larger customers usually supply their own ISBN numbers to books. However, in the case of individual print jobs we can allocate one of Printland's own ISBN numbers, which means your book details will appear on databases such as 'Books in Print'. Without an ISBN it is difficult for many booksellers (including Amazon.com) and libraries to handle your book.
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